3 Credit Report Options: The right choice for your firm

3 Credit Report Options: The right choice for your firm

Bankruptcy Credit Reports by CIN Legal Data Services are available in three options: Basic, Preferred and Premium. These are the only credit reports developed specifically for bankruptcy attorneys. Choose between two or three bureaus and additional features to gain a better understanding of your client’s financial history.

When ordered through your software, Bankruptcy Credit Reports can save 60-90 minutes of data entry on each case and eliminate errors that go along with manual entry.


The Basic Bankruptcy Credit Report includes data from Experian and TransUnion. This includes public records, address and employment details, bureau alert message and medical collection liabilities. Bankruptcy Credit Reports use soft inquiries only, so there will be no effect on clients’ credit scores.


The Preferred Bankruptcy Credit Report includes all of the data available in the Basic Report with additional information to help you understand your client’s financial history and show potential benefits of bankruptcy. These additional features include:

Bankruptcy-Specific Department Addresses – This database includes more than 10,000 addresses and is audited weekly by the CIN Legal Data Services team. Save time by reducing returned mail and the cost of reprocessing and renoticing documents.

Supplemental data from LexisNexis – Prior bankruptcies and civil judgments and tax liens provide information no longer reported from the major credit-reporting bureaus.

Current and predictive post-bankruptcy credit scores from CreditXpert – Available for both debtors in a joint case, get access to your client’s credit score today and potential credit score 12 months post-bankruptcy. These predictive credit scores, based on advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated analytical methods, give clients a peek into the future by showing the potential benefits of filing bankruptcy.


The Premium Bankruptcy Credit Report is the most comprehensive and includes all of the features of the Preferred Report plus data from Equifax, delivering one consolidated report with data from all three credit-reporting bureaus.

At Equifax, we’re committed to helping businesses make more informed decisions. This means investing in the best technology and quality and breadth of data to ensure our customers have greater confidence in their credit decisions. We are proud of our more than 100 year history as credit innovators and our continued quest to provide a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial picture.

Rosa Biundo | Relationship Manager | Equifax

Equifax offers the largest geographic coverage out of the three bureaus, covering 99% of the U.S. adult population (by county) with five or more tradelines, delivering the most predictive information. Additionally, Equifax offers the most unique tradelines, including more medical data than the other bureaus.*

The Equifax database is refreshed daily, constantly adding depth and breadth to their creditor data. Over the past four years, Equifax has added more than 1,100 new contributors.

A Premium Report requires a short, bureau-mandated site visit, which is conducted by a third-party.

*This information is according to studies performed by Equifax.

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