Six Reasons Bankruptcy Credit Reports are Superior

Six Reasons Bankruptcy Credit Reports are Superior

What makes CIN Legal Data Services credit reports superior? Not only are they created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys, but they are designed to help you easily review client data. Quickly identify and find information without looking through unnecessary data or multiple sources – get everything you need in one credit report!

Here are six reasons you should order a Bankruptcy Credit Report today:

  1. Software Integration — The only credit report to integrate with all the major software providers: Best Case Bankruptcy, CINcompass, BankruptcyPRO, Jubiliee and TopForm. CIN Legal’s credit reports import into the client’s liability schedules within seconds, saving at least 60 minutes of data entry per case.
  2. Bankruptcy-Specific Addresses — Bankruptcy Credit Reports include creditor addresses specifically designated to receive bankruptcy notices. By getting this information upfront, you can reduce the amount of returned mail and ensure creditors promptly receive notice. Addresses are regularly updated by our team– don’t manage this database yourself.
  3. Medical Collection Liabilities — Discover hidden or unknown medical debt. Get detailed medical data about where medical debt originates and the reporting collection agency.
  4. Soft Inquiries only — Credit Reports ordered through CIN Legal Data Services do no effect a client’s credit score and includes a detailed listing of the source (bureau) of each trade line and the debtor primarily responsible for payment of the liability. All creditors are merged into one easy-to-ready report.
  5. Credit Score Prediction — Not only does a Bankruptcy Credit Report provide a client’s current credit score, but it also calculates what your client’s credit score will look like 12 months after bankruptcy. This feature is available on the Preferred and Premium Reports.
  6. Public Record Information — CIN Legal credit reports include public records information from the credit reporting agencies as well as a LexisNexis 8-Year prior bankruptcy, judgments and liens search. (The bureau no longer reports this data as of July 1, 2017!) This saves your firm time by reducing the amount of additional research you need to do.

Easily order and access Bankruptcy Credit Reports directly in your software today. Learn more!

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Angela Hartford

Angela Hartford is the Director of Marketing for CINgroup, the parent company of Best Case Bankruptcy, CINcompass and CIN Legal Data Services. She is dedicated to improving efficiency in the bankruptcy process by providing time-saving software and essential due diligence products to attorneys and their clients. Angela has been providing marketing services for publishing, software and other technology companies for more than 15 years.

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