IRS IVES Verification

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Employees with access to tax transcript data

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If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, contact CIN Legal Data Services at 866-218-1003. (M-F 8am-8pm EDT)

The Income Verification Express Service (IVES) program is an electronic tax transcript delivery service that the Internal Revenue Service offers to mortgage lenders and other qualified financial companies (“IVES Participants”). CIN participates in the IVES program so that we can offer bankruptcy attorneys fast access to tax transcripts needed for their clients’ cases.
The IRS has informed us that this verification mandate is part of a comprehensive initiative to protect taxpayer information and strengthen authentication standards.
The IRS is requiring all IVES Participants to verify the identity of the president, CEO or managing partner of each of their clients; to verify the identities of all of their clients’ employees who have access to tax transcript data; and to verify that the clients have policies and procedures in place to validate the identities of their employees who order and retrieve IRS tax transcripts. The IRS is also requiring the Employer Identification Number (EIN) for each client.