Provide essential client services

With minimal effort, help identify and resolve problems proactively
  • Ensure accuracy with a credit report issued directly to your client after bankruptcy
  • A credit advocate disputes all inaccuracies on your client’s behalf
  • 12 months of credit monitoring protection
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Increase value with Credit Assurance

Secure your clients’ financial future

Increase your value with Credit Assurance
  • Eliminate the hassle of disputing errors, so you can focus on your next case
  • Deliver a complete service from beginning to end
  • Ensure positive referrals from happy, satisfied clients
  • Offer additional legal assistance if issues are not resolved with creditors
“It helps our clients better understand how bankruptcy impacts their credit.”

Credit Assurance

Give your clients confidence with this comprehensive post-bankruptcy service
Consumer-friendly report
Issued 45 days after a Ch 7 discharge or Ch 13 confirmation, this easy-to-read report displays:
  • Merged data from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax
  • Summary of accounts included in bankruptcy
  • A credit score analysis
  • Accounts with and without balances
  • Public records
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary
CIN credit advocate
On behalf of your firm, an advocate works with your client to:
  • Review and provide answers directly
  • Dispute any errors with the bureaus
  • Report back the disputed results in a timely manner
Credit monitoring
Minimize damage that fraudulent activity creates with:
  • 12 months of monitoring provided by TransUnion
  • Email and text alerts of errors or changes
  • Notices regarding newly opened accounts

NOTE: Credit Assurance is an individual product. For coverage of both parties in a joint filing, order a Report for each person. Credit Assurance may require a bureau-mandated site visit.

How Credit Assurance works

Credit Assurance Process Flow

myHorizon Client Portal

Give your clients the tools to succeed

myHorizon, CIN Legal’s consumer site offers an easy and convenient way for your clients to:
  • Set up an account
  • View the Credit Assurance Report
  • Dispute incorrectly reported debts and liens
  • Identify credit status with credit monitoring
  • View any additional products ordered