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Six Reasons Bankruptcy Credit Reports are Superior

| Bankruptcy Software Integration, Bankruptcy Workflow Efficiencies, Credit Reports

What makes CIN Legal Data Services credit reports superior? Not only are they created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys, but they are designed to help you easily review client data. Quickly identify and find information without looking through unnecessary data or multiple sources – get everything you need in one credit report! Here are six reasons…

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Misrepresentation Not Required for “Actual Fraud”

| Bankruptcy Decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that a debtor who transferred assets from one company he controlled to other related entities in order to protect the assets from creditors could not discharge the underlying debt in a subsequent bankruptcy. The debtor committed “actual fraud” by transferring the assets and, therefore, the debt was nondischargeable under…

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Inflation Adjusted Dollar Amounts

| Bankruptcy News

Dollar Amounts Adjusted in Code and Forms The Judicial Conference of the United States recently published increases to the federal exemptions and to dollar amounts throughout the Bankruptcy Code[1] effective for cases filed on and after April 1, 2016. Adjustments are made at three-year intervals to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index. Amounts affected…

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