Site visit required for direct access to consumer credit data

A 20-minute site visit of your office must be conducted by a third-party certified by the credit bureaus before gaining access to credit reports.

During the visit you can expect the company representatives to make sure you have the following types of security requirements in place:

  • Offices located in a commercial building
  • Locks on office doors and file cabinets
  • Use of a shredder to destroy confidential information
  • Use of password-protected computers and anti-virus software

Gain access and start downloading credit data in one business day after a completed site visit.

Time Duration:                   20 minutes – or less
Cost:                   Free*
Account Activation:                   One business day after a site visit is completed

Request a site inspection through Best Case Bankruptcy or CINcompass today.


*There is no site inspection fee for new CINgroup software users. If you are an existing CIN Legal Data Services customer and would like to order the Premium Bankruptcy Credit Report, an authorized Equifax Inspection may cost up to fifty dollars ($50.00). However, if CIN has already completed an onsite inspection of your current physical office location on or after January 1, 2014, no additional inspection will be required.