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Bankruptcy expertise

Serving the consumer bankruptcy community for more than 15 years, CIN Legal Data Services’ mission is to streamline attorney workflow while satisfying due diligence requirements. The ability to integrate data with bankruptcy software has allowed attorneys to eliminate time spent on manual entry and focus on more critical tasks.
“CIN Legal makes my practice a little easier every day.”

Save time and increase efficiency

Since 2013, attorneys have saved over 400,000 hours of data-entry time*
“Prior to opening my own firm, I was a partner in a firm that spent way too much time entering data. Now I get to spend that time with clients.”
“CIN Legal has saved me time and money—the effort to track down old debts or forgotten debts can’t be underestimated.”

*Based on saving an average of 60 minutes per import.

Attorney approved

  • check More than 2.7 million credit reports have been fulfilled to attorneys nationwide
  • check Attorneys have ordered 700,000+ courses for their clients from CIN Legal

Top-notch customer support

CIN Legal strives to provide an exceptional customer service experience on every call
“I love using CIN Legal, customer service is very nice when I have to call about any problems that I may have, which is very, very rare!”
“CIN Legal provides a good product, fast service, and is easy to order through our bankruptcy software.”

Partnering with industry leaders

Combining the strength of industry leaders with business expertise to deliver quality data you can trust
Partners with industry leaders